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Boosterthon with Seahawk and Big World Recess

Review all the good things that came from our fundraising efforts last year! 

Results are in!

Many have been asking, “So how did the Boosterthon Fun Run do? How much did we raise?” We wanted to wait until most of the money had been collected before announcing the results.

Boosterthon brought a net amount to Sunderland of $46,876 with a 98% collection rate.  Our goal was a net of $27,000 so we are beyond excited with the support shown to the school as we significantly exceeded the goal!

Ms. Vogel and the FSO are currently looking into computers and other technology to purchase for our school.

Congratulations Seashawks!

Friday 3/11 Mr. Ruffo Made Good on the 50 State Pledge!

We hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday’s Fun Run!

594 Sunderland Seahawks Ran a total of 20,541 laps!Big World Recess Logo

You Broke Boosterthon!  Well sort of, the program exceeded expectations from the FSO AND even from the Boosterthon Team.  So, they ran out of some fitness rewards, but don’t worry, the team is ordering more and they will be back at school next week for collection and will attempt to get those rewards to the children at that time.

Speaking of collection, we’re not done yet!  Now we need to finish strong by actually collecting the money that our sponsors have promised and get it to school.  On Thursday the 3rd, the children will receive special envelopes for collection.  You can login to your child’s dashboard to see what needs to be collected.  On March 9th please enclose the checks and cash into the envelope and send it to school with your child.  Checks should be made out to Sunderland FSO.  On March 9th we will have a team in place to receive, account and tally all funds.  So we would prefer that the money come in only on Wednesday, March 9th.

Wednesday 3/6 Fun Run Pictures and Videos!


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Boosterthon is a series of global fitness themed character building lessons over several days that began Monday February 22.  There was fundraising Fun Run on the last day, Wednesday, March 2nd, where family and friends sponsored their students.

Boosterthon Logo with the Seahawk

We’re trying to raise money to expand our student technology programs.  Before Christmas, Sunderland added HP Stream computers for each student in 4th grade.  We are excited about the possibilities of what our students can achieve if we could expand a similar program to other Sunderland classrooms.

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Questions about this program? Contact Chairperson Lara Thornton.