About Sunderland Elementary

Sunderland Elementary School (SES) is part of Calvert County Public Schools and located between routes 2 and 4 in Northern Calvert County.  The school offers Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 instruction and before and after care services.  Sunderland is led by Principal Pam Kasulke and Vice Principal Eric Ruffo.

SES is one of the largest County elementary schools with over 700 students and over 40 faculty members.  One of the best qualities of Sunderland is the strong community atmosphere.  Most of the faculty members have served the District for over 10 years and most live nearby.  Not only do these educators choose to work here, but they also choose Sunderland to educate their own children and extended family, even when they have access to other elementary schools!  If you are fortunate enough to have a student or teacher at Sunderland, welcome to the community!

If you have questions about SES, you can contact the school here.